Gaylor Trucking is committed to providing as safe a working environment as possible for its employees, customers and the general public.

Listed below are some of the steps we have taken to provide a safer working environment.

  • 20 million dollar public liability cover.  
  • Hydratarps fitted to our hooklift trucks to help prevent possible falls from heights.
  • High visability safety uniforms.
  • Flashing amber lights on cabin roofs of all trucks for improved visability and awareness.
  • Properly manufactured waste bins designed and measured for our trucks.
  • High visability reflective tape on all bins.
  • Safety signage on all bins.
  • Safety signage on all trucks.
  • Drivers dust and hearing protection equipment.
  • Fire extinguishers on all trucks.
  • Report all OH&S matters column on employees daily worksheets.
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