We offer a waste management consulting service where we will endeavour to provide you with the most cost effective and environmentally conscious waste management options possible for your company.

Many waste companies will keep you in the dark in regards what the best options are for your needs.

With Gaylor we will provide you with the most cost effective options available for your business not ours!

Take a recent example whereby a company discovered us via our web site.

This particular western suburbs based chemical company had a large quantity of fully cleaned yet damaged plastic containers destroyed on route from China.

They had been told by a number of waste companies that it was best for them to be dumped yet we were able, after making several enquiries to transport and recycle these containers for the client and rebate the client the amount the recycler was prepared to pay for the product.

Problem solved.

The chemical company was happy because not only had they disposed of the waste in a responsible manner. They had been paid for it!

The recycler was happy because after shredding the plastic and baling and shipping the product they were able to make a profit!

And we were happy because after facilitating this arrangement we were paid to hire and transport the bin of damaged plastic containers.

Whilst on site we were also pleased to advise the client on how he would be able to more effectively utilise his front lift bin and recycle his stockpile of cardboard waste.

This advise would never have been offered up in a million years by the current supplier of his front lift service as the more empties for the front lift operator the better! We were able to recommend a number of cardboard recyclers to the client and recommend he organise to have his front lift bin emptied on an at call instead of a scheduled basis. This advise, if acted upon, will save this client thousands of dollars per year every year!

We can only hope that when this particular company needs bulk services in the future or decides to change their front lift provider at the contracts end they give Gaylor a call.

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