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  • Bulk Bins
  • Compactors
  • Recycling
  • Front and Rear Lift Bins
  • Subcontracting
  • Security Waste Destruction

Bin sizes available
6, 8, 10, 12, 25 and 32 cubic metre walk in bins. Compactor units and specially made bulk bins by special arrangement including water tight bins. Front and rear lift bins by special arrangement.

Hire period
Bins can be supplied on a permanent or short term basis. Permanent bins usually incur a monthly rental fee depending on the frequency of empties whilst short term hire bins are rent free for the first three days. Extra charges may apply for longer term hire.

Businesses serviced
Commercial printers, transport and logistics companies, stone masons, horse stables, manufacturing companies, timber joineries, chemical companies, food manufacturers and builders.

Where possible waste is recycled in preference to being disposed of at landfill. Products taken to recyclers include paper, cardboard, timber, brick, concrete, granite, sandstone, sawdust, horse manure, metals, plastic drums and tyres.

Our trucks are fitted with 20 tonne BOB and 18 tonne Papas Hooklift units with the capability of lifting and transporting bins with hook heights of 1440, 1550, and 1650mm and rail widths of 1060 mm outside to outside measurement. Our maximum load carrying capacity is approximately 10 tonnes not including the bin.

All trucks are fitted with automatic tarping systems.

We are only too pleased to carry your bins if they can be properly fitted to our trucks.

We currently subcontract work from a number of waste and recycling companies and welcome the opportunity of adding your company to our long list of satisfied clients.

Perhaps one of your trucks is off the road for a period or you are having trouble keeping up with demand we can help get you through the crisis.

Security Waste Destruction 
We regularly transport and dispose of goods and products of a sensitive nature. Expired food and beverage waste, clothing, footwear, documents, car and truck parts, tobacco and cosmetics are just a sample of some of the security waste we have transported over the years.

We will supply you with a security certificate and weigh bridge docket upon request as well as having the destruction filmed or photographed by our driver if so desired. Deep burial of the goods can be organised as well as having your staff supervise the destruction for themselves at the point of disposal.

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